My general research interests are in optimization, algorithms, and graph theory, with a particular focus on machine learning applications. I completed my master's thesis at the Institute for Algorithms and Complexity, TUHH, as part of my MSc in Industrial Mathematics at the University of Hamburg. Prior to that, I studied for an MSc in Applied Statistics and a BSc in Computer Science and Mathematics at the University of Ljubljana. I have worked on applying machine learning in biotechnology, medicine, and fraud prevention. Earlier, I was a student researcher at the Jozef Stefan Institute, where I was applying deep learning to robotics and evaluating machine learning algorithms.
  • Exact Algorithms for MaxCut on Split Graphs, Marko Lalovic. arXiv:2405.20599 [ pdf, bib, code ]
  • Lalovic M (2024). latent2likert: Converting Latent Variables into Likert Scale Responses. R package version 1.2.1 [ pdf, bib, site ]

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